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Thousands of Chesapeake Bay watershed residents were surveyed about their stewardship behaviors that impact the Bay’s health.

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What Is Chesapeake Behavior Change?

Chesapeake Behavior Change is a resource to help organizations apply the survey results to their work to ultimately increase the number of residents taking on-the-ground action to protect and restore the Bay. Explore the site to learn about the survey, its finding, and how to use them to create an effective behavior change campaign. Chesapeake Behavior Change also serves as a repository to publish your campaigns and view other organizations' campaigns to encourage collaboration and learning opportunities.

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69% of residents could install a rain barrel, but only 17% have done so.

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Behavior Change Tip

Normative social influence can be used to make individuals adopt the desired behaviors of the group. People like to feel accepted by a group and will alter their behaviors to conform with the group norms.

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